Test Kit Levels

Published: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 10:30:02

By: Steve Knowles

Ammonia and Nitrite can be very harmful to koi. Testing should be done often to ensure good water qualityTest Kit Levels

Ammonia and Nitrite are poisonous to koi. Polluted water can be crystal clear but still be deadly. Routine testing is the only way to be sure of your waters quality.


0.1 mg/l -not harmful for a few days

0.4 mg/l -monitor and make partial water changes

0.8 mg/l -Gill tissue swells and cells proliferate leading to clubbed gills-make water changes and test daily

1.2 mg/l- ammonia starts to accumulate in blood. Koi will probably stop eating. Water change immediately and make it a large change. Keep testing and changing water until under control

4 mg/l - Deadly koi will die within days- make water changes up to 3 times per day.


0.3 mg/l or less - Fairly low and not a threat

0.3 mg/l - in Soft water is more poisonous. Make partial water changes

0.8 mg/l - at this level nitrite is harmful to koi in both hard and soft water make water changes. Koi will show signs of irritation rubbing and flicking on surfaces.(Masking itself as flukes)

1.6 mg/l - Nitrite combines with red blood cells affecting the koi's ability to use oxygen. Make daily water changes.

Over 3.0 mg/l - Nitrite Pollution is now a serious problem and can kill your koi. Water change is essential

Description: At certain levels Ammonia and Nitrite can be very harmful to koi
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