Thank you very, very much for your above and beyond efforts to help me find some good quality koi food at an affordable price.
I'll definitely recommend your store to my Koi friends.

Carol W.

I ordered the Proform c from you and it worked! You're a life saver! I followed your instructions and so far , it's working. Today the water appears cloudy and I think the ammonia level might be high. I also started the medicated food you recommended today.

Thanks again for all of your help. I wish I had found you in the beginning.

Kim M.

Cathy and Steve are the most passionate Koi People I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

They have a sincere desire to be the best Koi Pond Product providers in the great north east.

Steve, Thank you for helping us set-up the new filter system for the Botanical Gardens koi pond at Smith College. The GC Tek Bio filter, Performance Pro pump and Zapp UZ have made a huge difference. 

Thanks again, Rob.

Hi Steve, Thank you for sending me a replacement deicer, Yes, that will help me out a great deal, And I'm sure my koi-cicles appreciate it !:)
On a side note, I'm very happy I've found you. My wife and I just bought a new home this past February. We had no idea until the snow melted in the spring that there was a koi pond on our property. Luckily 2 koi survived the winter. They did their best to re-stock the pond and I have about a dozen little offspring now. I'll be looking to get the waterfall and waterway recirculating this spring and I'll be looking to come back to New England Koi for my needs.
Thanks again.