Spring Pond Clean-up

Published: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 14:08:58

By: Steve Knowles

When thinking Spring, and pond clean-up is on your mind come to New England Koi. We are your one stop shopping destination for all things Spring for your pond or water garden.Spring Pond Clean-up

When Spring time comes around if you have a koi pond it will need special attention in the Spring. You can take care of any algae problems in your koi pond with two different algae removers from Nycon, available online from New England Koi.com. The Nycon algae brush is a 5 inch hard cone brush that you can use to reach those hard to get spots in your pond. While the Nycon Algae Twister is the tool that your looking for to get rid of that string algae which is hard to get rid of.

To protect against the growth of algae in your pond, you can use Pond Care Algae Fix which you can order right from New England Koi.com. Pond Care Algea Fix which you can order right from New England Koi.com. Pond Care Algae Fix is a chemical additive that when you add to your pond will control many different types of algae including Green Water Bloom and free floating algae. You can also add Winston Algae off and Rapid Clear, which is a granular algaecide which when added to your pond will help remove string algae from your pond in many areas including waterfalls pond walls and rocks.

Adding an Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer which you can purchase from New England Koi.com will help effectively and dependably control and eliminate algae, bacteria, and protozoa that are present in your water by the use of the ultraviolet system that will help to disrupt or alter the DNA and RNA of most target organisms found in your water system.

We currently offer a full line of pond medications including Koi Care Kennel, Melafix, Pimafix, Tricide Neo, and All Natural Organic Medications from Aqua Meds.

So when you think of your Spring Pond clean-up needs and any other needs for your koi pond then only one name should come to mind...New England Koi.

Description: When Spring time comes around your Koi Pond needs special attention. Come to New England Koi.com to assist you with taking care of all your Spring pond clean-up
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