Clarity Protein Skimmers

Clarity Protein Skimmers


Clarity is no longer producing these Fresh Water Protein Skimmers for Koi Hobbyists. They have moved into Lake management. This is a BRAND NEW, OPEN BOX UNIT, used for shows. It is complete and ready to use. Available for local pick-up only. Regular Retail on this unit was over $1100.00. We are asking $750.00 for this New, Open Box, unit.

Highly efficient in fresh water

The effectiveness of traditional Protein Skimmers or Foam Fractionators in fresh water is restricted by the lower density in fresh water and therefore the ability to form small enough bubbles with enough surface area to attract the organic waste. Since Clarity is based on an entirely different approach, Clarity does not have this limitation. This results in superb efficiency also in fresh water and opens up many exciting applications for Clarity.

Regulates the level of oxygen in water

During the normal process of feeding fish and decomposing of organic matter, the level of oxygen in the water is altered. These environmental changes are not desirable for the fish and result in increased stress and unhealthy conditions. Clarity’s mode of operation restores the balance of oxygen in the water as part of the process of making the foam.

Breaks down ammonia and nitrite to nitrate before foaming

As the water trickles down the airing tower, bacteria fastened to bio-rings decompose organic compounds to simpler, less toxic substances. The most important example of this process is the breakdown of ammonia to nitrite and eventually nitrate. This lowers the toxicity of the compounds and results in a more effective removal of organic compounds.

Compatible with ozone treatment

Ozone treatment can be combined with Clarity, which results in stable water conditions in spite of great variations in the quality of the incoming water.

Low maintenance

Clarity is easy to install and can run for several months without any maintenance (dependent on the quality of the feed water). Since there are no moving parts and thus no wear and tear, Clarity has a long life span, increasing the financial investment in this unique Protein Skimmer / Foam Fractionator.


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$ 750.00

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