Oase Filtoclear w/UVC

Oase Filtoclear w/UVC

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The FiltoClear pressure filter with built-in UV Clarifier and patented Easy-Clean function is an ideal addition to koi and fish stock ponds. A hard worker, it combines mechanical and biological cleaning and serves as an effective UVC technology to clean green water. Treated water flows through fine and coarse mechanical and large pored biological filter elements and decomposes pollutants to clarify the water. FiltoClear's patented Easy-Clean technology addresses filter and UVC maintenance in minutes. It is praised for its ease of use and eco-friendly benefits.

Koi Pond Filtration maintains water quality. The overwhelming cause for most health problems in ponds is poor water quality. New England Koi offers a huge selection of Koi Pond Filters.

Filtoclear 3000- Max Pond Size 3000gal-w/fish 1500gal-Max Flow 2000GPH-18watt UVC

Filtoclear 4000-Max Pond Size 4000gal-w/fish 2000gal-Max Flow 3000GPH- 24watt UVC

Filtoclear 8000-Max Pond Size 8000gal-w/fish 4000gal-Max Flow 4000GPH- 55watt UVC

Item #
Filtoclear 3000
$ 377.99
Filtoclear 4000
$ 535.99
Filtoclear 8000
$ 640.99