Matala Pond Vacuum II

Published: Sat, 22 Apr 2017 15:44:53

By: Steve Knowles

The Matala Muck Buster Pond Vacuum II is our BEST SELLING pond vacuum. Be one of the thousands across the country using the BEST POND VACUUM available! 4x more POWER than the competitor. Matala Pond Vacuum II

The Matala Muck Buster Pond Vacuum II, is our BEST SELLING Pond vacuum. It boasts 4x more Power than it's competion. The suction lifts 5ft above water level. It has an auto fill and drain cycle, powerful 2HP Motor, and 5 extension tubes.

4 Seperate Vacuum heads included are great for getting into all the crevices This model drains in 25 seconds and has approximately 15% increase in suction over the previous model.

16.4 ft hose

8ft Discharge Hose

1400 Watts

16ft Cord

Description: The Matala Pond Vacuum II, The BEST SELLING Pond Vacuum we offer
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