Degassing Columns

Degassing Columns
Degassing Columns

Degassing Columns- PentAir Aquatics

Nitrogen gas kills fish at only 3% above saturation!
Degassing columns are used for removing nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide or other gases from water. They also add oxygen to undersaturated water. In most areas, well water (ground water) is low in oxygen and too high in nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. In recirculating aquaculture, where pure oxygen is used, carbon dioxide levels can rise to narcotic or toxic levels. Degassing columns are the best way to strip out undesirable gases. The hydraulic design and high surface area of these units make them very suitable for "tricking biofilters" for ammonia removal.

Our unique segmented packed columns are the result of extensive research and development by the Canadian government. They are simple, economical and will last for many years. Each segment is made of heavy duty, UV-resistant polyethylene for outdoor use. They are engineered to produce the ideal flow pattern to prevent wall channelization while exchanging air at each segment. Install just the number of segments to give the water quality needed. Each segment can receive as much as 150 gpm with excellent aeration and gas stripping results.

Each segment (16" D x 18" H) has a molded bracket that fits onto an optional hanger. The 6' H x 4" W hanger is a fiberglass I-beam, predrilled for 4 segments (bolts included). Snap the segments onto the hanger and either hang it from the ceiling, attach it to the tank wall, or to a post, so the water goes in the top and exits directly into the tank. Each segment should be filled with .6 cubic feet of biomedia.

Item #
Degassing Segment
$ 99.95
Optional Column Hanger
$ 199.00