Crystal Clear Pond Shock

Published: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 14:06:49

By: Steve Knowles

Pond Shock for Crystal Clear and Healthy Pond Water 2016 Pond Product of the YearCrystal Clear Pond Shock

Crystal Clear PondShock, 2016 Pond Product of the Year provides SHOCKing Results. Fast acting boost of clarity of your pond water. It rapidly breaks down Ammonia and Nitrites. This is the perfect item for Spring Start up of your pond since the self dissolving ball contains Billions of all natural Live Bacteria and Enzymes that your filter system needs to get jump started in the Spring. Each ball comes in an easy to use one dose container. Just Toss and Go. Safe for all Aquatic Life.

1 Ball Treats up to 2500 gallons

Description: PondShock is great for pond start up, Billions of live bacteria in every ball.
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