Choosing Pond Filters

Published: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 14:08:36

By: Steve Knowles

How do I Choose the RIGHT filter for my pond? Choosing the correct filtration system can be a difficult decision. Remember that this will be the single most important purchase you will make when constructing your dream pond.Choosing Pond Filters

Koi will eat almost anything and quickly process it into waste. In the Natural environment, water is filtered as it passes over stones and gravel. Toxins are broken down by bacteria that flourish on the substrate surface. To keep fish in an enclosed system, we need to emulate thier natural habitat as closely as possible.This means passing water through a suitable filter medium in order to cultivate colonies of the same bacteria that will remove the same toxins.

The pond and filter are like an eco-system. The bacteria in the filter rely on the koi for thier food sourse, and the koi rely on the bacteria to clean the water of waste. If either is removed from the system the other will die.

External filters are easily maintained and by far the first choice for a koi pond. They can be either pump or gravity fed. They are available in various shapes and sizes.

As with the design of your pond, spend as much time researching filtration systems that will suit your needs for both gallons and stocking level of your pond.

Choosing Pond Filters

Koi Pond Filter System Do's and Don'ts:

Do: Buy a filter large enough to cope with the volume of water and stocking rate of your pond.

Do: Choose a very strong model, preferable from fiberglass.

Do: Ensure that the Filter can cope with the flow rate from your pump.

Do: Ensure that all built-up waste products can be completely discharged from the filter.

Don't: Skimp on price or size. Filtration is the MOST important decision you will make.

Don't: Use cold water storage tanks, or attempt to build one yourself from concrete

Don't: Use inferior filter products not designed for filtering pond waste.

If you get the filtration system and water quality right, the fish will look after themselves.

Description: Choosing the RIGHT koi pond filter is the single most important decision you can make when designing your dream pond.
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