About Us New England Koi offers pond supplies,pumps,filters,live koi, koi food, koi medications and help in pond planning

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Where experience counts!

Our personal journey with ponds and koi fish began a decade ago. It seems like yesterday, but it wasn’t. Time flies when you’re having fun. I can tell you from experience that back yard ponds can be a lot of fun! However they can also be filled with headaches, heartaches, backaches, and wallet-aches!

Now that I know what I do I would have done so many things differently. Over the years our koi pond/ponds have undergone 8 different transformations. In the beginning a small pre-form 40 gallon pond with 2 goldfish transformed into a 7 thousand gallon pond, a nursery pond, and a heated holding pond for our retail koi. Along the way we began a thriving business known as New England Koi & Pond Supply.

Now we have had several missteps along the way, but we gained a wealth of knowledge. What to do and not do comes with having several amazing mentors along the way. After doing things wrong we looked to experts to help us get it right. Thank goodness they were there. Many of those folks that started out as business associates we are now proud to call personal friends.

Never underestimate the benefit of others who have already been through building a koi pond and re-building and of course re-building it all again. Due to the fact that the first time you built a backyard pond you THOUGHT you were building a Koi Pond. Then disaster strikes…you loose all your fish, you have horribly green mucky water, and for the life of you, you can’t figure out why your pond failed.

This is where we can help. We have had it all from rebuilding the ponds to Koi Diseases and everything in between. We have battled Ick and Ulcers , Fish Loss, Poor Filtration, string algae and sooooo much more.

Steve has all the plumbing expertise. He can help you figure out what pond filter and pond pump combination you need to how much pond liner to buy. He has assisted every customer that asked for help, made site visits to consult them and worked on the prestigious ponds of Smith College Botanical Gardens and Harvard University.

I tend to focus more on the Koi, from varying degrees of knowledge on Koi Health and Koi disease to spawning and growing our own healthy happy koi. What to feed them for the results you want to how to train them to eat from your hand. What medication do I need for an ulcer, to what type of koi comes in blue.

Our goal is to offer the very best in Pond Supplies such as pond filters, pond pumps, pond liners and live koi, at the best price. We welcome your questions and will do everything we can to answer them. We are happy to help save you some of the time and expense that we incurred over the years to have your Dream Pond come to life.

Thanks for visiting us,

Steve & Cathy K

New England Koi offers pond supplies,pumps,filters,live koi, koi food, koi medications and help in pond planning