• Test Kit Levels

    Test Kit Levels

    Ammonia and Nitrite can be very harmful to koi. Testing should be done often to ensure good water quality

  • Pond Volume

    Pond Volume

    Pond Volume Calculation Formula to help you calculate the volume of water in your pond which is vital to know.

  • Oxygen content in Pond Water

    Oxygen content in Pond Water

    Oxygen is one of the most overlooked parameters of water quality in the koi hobby

  • Koi Fish Parasite Treatments

    Koi Fish Parasite Treatments

    Anchor Worms, Fish Lice and Ich can be a big problem for Koi with weakened immune systems READ MORE

  • Choosing Pond Filters

    Choosing Pond Filters

    How do I Choose the RIGHT filter for my pond? Choosing the correct filtration system can be a difficult decision. Remember that this will be the single most important purchase you will make when constructing your dream pond.

  • Koi Treats

    Koi Treats

    Koi will relish many extremely beneficial treat foods that provide a source of fresh vitamins and minerals.

  •  Why Quarantine new Koi

    Why Quarantine new Koi

    Adding a new fish to your pond is not without risk. Placing your new addition into a quarantine tanks is the most effective way to avoid contamination of your existing fish and will aide in surfacing any sleeping infections.

  • Air Pump Importance

    Air Pump Importance

    The new Pond Keeper has no trouble intuitively grasping the importance of filtration and heating for the garden pond which, after all, effects the environment of the Koi pond in easily seen and understood ways.

  • Aquatic Plants

    Aquatic Plants

    Aquatic plants are plants that grow only in water or permanently saturated soil. They can be beautiful additions to your water garden or Koi pond. However, you should take some time to learn about the types of aquatic plants and their advantages and disadvanta

  • Pond UV Sterilizers

    Pond UV Sterilizers

    UV sterilizers will keep your water clear of planktonic algae. This means that a new pond does not have to go through the green water stage. If you already have an established pond an ultraviolet system will clear an algae bloom within one to two weeks.

It's easy to see why Koi are rapidly gaining popularity these days. With their colorful beauty and impressive size, the Koi is a domesticated cousin of the Carp. The Koi is also easily obtained, available to fish lovers in practically all parts of the world.This makes it an easy choice when deciding upon what type of fish to have in your pond.

Although Koi fish can be quite hardy, they still require their owner to be knowledgeable about their proper care and up keep. New England Koi can help. We offer all types and varieties of Pond Supplies for the hobbyist.

Koi fish will have different needs during different seasons. It is important to know these needs, that way you can be sure that you are providing your Koi with proper care, no matter what the weather. For example, the temperature can vary significantly from day to day during the spring, so you need to be diligent in watching the temperature during this period. A fast drop or rise in temperature is not good for the Koi. They will do best at 74 to 76 F.

Koi Care

You will want to provide your Koi with a proper diet. We offer all types of Koi Food Floating pellets are always good. Always make sure they have enough food. Sho Koi Impact is a good food. It is made from air-dried krill, larvae, dried bugs, pupae, and air dried fresh water shrimp, which will help brighten colors in Koi naturally. It is long floating and highly digestible. It can be slightly more expensive than other foods, but worth it in the long run.

When you get your new Koi, you want to make the situation as stress free as possible for the Koi. Unfortunately, Koi are stressed as soon as they are bagged up. Some ways to reduce this stress are to keep bags as cool as possible, will slow down Koi metabolism and respiration rates. Also, Keep bags in a box to reduce the stress the Koi experience when light hits them from every side. What you may want to do during longer trips is to ad a mild sedative to the water.

When you get your new Koi home, don't just release your Koi into the pond. Be sure to float the bag for at least an hour. You may want to cover the bag with some wet newspaper if it is hot or sunny out. Slowly add pond water into the bag, with the Koi for around 15 minutes, and then release the Koi into the pond. NEVER EVER add koi to your existing pond without a Quarantine Period. This is an essential step in preventing parasites and disease from transfering to your existing koi fish. Many a pond owner has lost all of their prized koi by not taking this step. Questions about Quarantine Periods see http://www.newenglandkoi.com/Why-Quarantine-new-Koi-a-13.html

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